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  • Michael D. Turashoff

Keusch Super Service, Small Town Values Big City Professionalism

The resemblance between today’s vehicles and those of yesteryear are few and far between. Gone are the days of easily working on your car on a beautiful Saturday morning to tune it up or fix whatever ails it.

In many cases, working on one of today’s vehicles seemingly requires nothing short of bachelor's degree and advanced technical tools. Many automobile repair shops have taken advantage of this trend in auto repair to charge outrageous prices while providing substandard repair work.

Unfortunately, especially in many small towns, this is the case unless of course, you live in Portland. We are lucky enough to have Keusch Super Service Center.

The Start of a Family Business

It all started in 1936 when partners Tom Keusch and Mike Sumner opened Sumner and Keusch Service at 118 E. Grand River. After returning home from serving his country during WWII, Tom bought out his partner in 1950, changing the shop’s name to Keusch Service.

Being a real family business, Tom’s three sons, Tom, Dick, and Bob all worked at the service center while growing up. Dick Keusch began his career as a quality mechanic at the tender age of only eight years old in 1957 and only left to serve his country as a Marine in 1962.

The Next Generation

In 1974, after returning home from his military service, Dick decided to make the family business his career. At this time, Dick and his father purchased the condemned Divine Hotel.

First opened in the 1880s as the Welch House and changed to the Divine Hotel in the 1890s; the hotel was host to dignitaries and tourists alike traveling Detroit to Grand Rapids.

At this time, Dick purchased the business from his father and partnered with his brother Bob renaming the business Keusch Super Service. Their sister Mary Jo joined the brothers as the businesses bookkeeper.

The Third Generation Gets Their Start

Keeping with the Keusch family tradition, Dick and Bob’s children all grew up working in the garage learning the family trade. In January of 2009 three of Dick’s six sons, Adam, Alex, and Ted would go on to purchase the family business and relocate it in December of 2012, to the Vollman Ford building next to the I-96 freeway.

Branching Out with a Focus on Family and Community

In March of 2009, Keusch Tire & Towing was opened at 15113 S. Wright Road in Eagle by Adam and the “twins,” Ted and Alex. Sticking with their focus on family and community, the Keusch family saw an opportunity to promote both with their purchase or the Eagle location.

Formerly Jerry’s Sunoco, it seems the second Keusch service center was initially the focus of an adult bookstore. After being contacted by David Morris, who purchased the property to avoid it becoming such an establishment and the impressive support of the community, the Keusch family decided to turn it into Keusch Tire & Towing.

The addition of the Eagle location is an opportunity for Keusch to spread their hometown values and workmanship to another community and stop an establishment that usually harms the values of a close-knit community.

Your One Stop Auto Repair

Keusch has been known for years as a one-stop auto repair center, repairing and maintaining a variety of vehicles and most any issue they encounter. From tires to oil changes to engine replacements, Portland motorists have been able to rely on Keusch Super Service to properly repair their cars for over 80 years.

As a community, we look to the next generation of Keusch mechanics to keep our children’s vehicles running in tip-top condition well into the future.

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