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PCP’s Youth Summer Theatre Performances off and running

Two Performances of Three Plays July 27-31

The Summer Theatre Shows are ready to stage! Participants have spent the past six weeks learning and honing their skills and techniques for all aspects of theatre, including lights, sound, set construction and decoration, and of course, acting. Their efforts will culminate in the performances of three shows: The Canterbury Tales, or . . . Geoffrey Chaucer's Flying Circus, WCKY, and Marvelous Squad at Portland Community Theater, 231 Maple Street. All tickets are $6 general admission and will be sold at the door. Visit our website at, or follow Portland Civic Players on facebook for details!

A rundown of the performances:

The Canterbury Tales, or . . . Geoffrey Chaucer's Flying Circus, by Burton Bumgarner: This wacky comedy is based on stories written by 14th Century Author Geoffrey Chaucer. A group of medieval villagers travel on holiday together from London to the town of Canterbury pass the time by competing in a story telling contest. Each member of the group tells a story full of colorful characters that come to life before your eyes. The stories in this show, however, take a sharp turn toward the hilarious as the characters come to life in a zany romp of medieval (and contemporary) mischief. Performances are July 27 at 7pm and July 30 at 3pm.

WCKY, by Flip Kobler and Cindy Marcus: Murder and mayhem collide in hilarious fashion as new radio station WCKY is preparing to air its first show in 1939. As the Clementine Sisters are about to sing the opening jingle, the action behind the scenes is infused with both excitement and drama. Head writer Roy plans to propose on air to assistant director Polly. One of the radio actresses, Sarah, has helped him procure a ring, and of course, Polly walks in just as Roy is down on one knee practicing his proposal with Sarah. When Sarah ends up dead a few minutes later as she’s about to make her own shocking and unscripted announcement on the air, all signs point to poor Roy. By the time the night is over, two other on-air talents have also been murdered, and each time, Roy is the prime suspect. It’s up to our creative writer to solve the mystery himself and reveal the actual killer through a live radio broadcast! WCKY will be performed July 28 at 7pm and July 30 at 7pm.

Marvelous Squad by Dean O'Carroll: The world's in trouble and superspy Nicky Fitz is making house calls to some interesting people, like Tonya Sparks in her Ironica suit, Dr. Burkle and his alter ego Smash, and All-American Cinderella Liberty straight from 1945. Add Bow-Just, Thorm, and the Brown Recluse and it's not long before they've got a pretty Marvelous group together. But can they work as a team to defeat the evil Thanikopita? Maybe with a little help from their friends - and their fans. Whether you're a comics completist or you're new to caped crusaders, there's fun for all in this love letter to everything inspiring and silly about superheroes. Marvelous Squad will be performed July 29 at 7pm and July 31 at 3pm.

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