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Lake Odessa Fair set for June 23-27

The Lake Odessa Fair is only two weeks away and excitement continues to build. 2021 will be the first year, in many, that the organization will have a full carnival coming to the event.

“This is such exciting news for our town. Being a small town, we have run into challenges over the past decade convincing carnivals that we can support their ride show for our full 5-day event. This resulted in several years with no carnival at the Lake Odessa Fair. Our community and our organization desperately wanted to bring a carnival back, so we developed a plan about three years ago to do that” explained Laurel Steward, LOF Board Member.

This program is called “Carnival for Kids.” Businesses and organizations, but primarily farmers, contribute to a program that allows the Lake Odessa Fair to give out ride coupons each day that significantly reduce the cost of all day wristbands.

After several successful years, not only does the program continue to grow, but it is the reason the Lake Odessa Fair is able to attract Arnold Amusements and their full carnival show to the small town in 2021.

“Arnold Amusements is a well-known and well-respected carnival show based in Traverse City that provides rides to fairs and festivals in both Florida and Michigan. Arnolds has been the carnival provider to the Ionia Free Fair for many years now” shared Bill King, Lake Odessa Fair President.

In 2021, farmers and businesses contributed enough money to allow the Lake Odessa Fair to offer (150) $10 off ride coupons for all day wristbands. These wristbands are normally $20 but with the coupons available for pick up at the fair office each day when the midway opens take the cost to ride all day to just $10 for kids who grab one of the limited 150 coupons.

Anyone interested in more information on the Lake Odessa Fair event schedule or to see a list of the farmers and business donors to the “Carnival for Kids” program can visit


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