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It Is Time for the Sunfield Farmers Picnic Open Class Craft Exhibit

The Sunfield Farmers Picnic on August 18 and 19, 2023, is not very far away. IT IS TIME … if you are planning to enter the Open Class Craft Exhibit on Saturday, August 19 to begin preparing your entry such as your hand-crafted articles and homemade canned goodies and baked goods. All ages are eligible. Sunfield and its surrounding communities have many talented people and this event is an opportunity for you to show your talent off to the rest of the community.

Categories will include art, baked goods, canned goods, carving, ceramic, flowers and silk flower arrangements, garden produce, glass etching, needlework, knitting, cross stitch, leatherwork, painting, paper craft, quilts, sewing, woodworking and of course photography: animals, nature, people and other. Craft vendors can also enter their items. Other entries not fitting these categories will be entered under “Other”. As always, there are a few rules, such as the work must be your own, not from a kit. Baked goods must be made without commercial mixes. Each entry is judged on its own merit and each category may have a “Best of Show” ribbon awarded at the judge’s discretion.

All entries need to be brought to the Floyd Van Buren Park on Logan Street, Sunfield, from 8:00 to 9:45 a.m. Saturday, August 19, 2023. Judging will begin promptly at 10:00 a.m. Each entry will be judged on its own merit. Cash prizes and ribbons will be awarded.

All Children who enter the Open Class Craft Exhibit, must have their entry forms signed by a parent. Each entry must have an entry form. Entry forms will be available at the Sunfield District Library, Marko’s Marathon and the Welch Historical Museum the beginning of August. For additional information, you can contact the event’s chairperson, DeAnna Clark, at 517-231-2527.

Photo Provided: Seven Best of Show ribbons were presented during the Open Class Craft Exhibit for 2022 sponsored by the SPY’s to DeAnna Clark for her “Other” photo the Navy Blue Angels in a cloud of smoke; Lance Eldridge for his Nature photo of Patriotic Hay Bales and Ashley Berney for her Animal photo of a Bull with its rider and her People photo of Horseback Rider praying, as judged by Jody Strang; Deb Ostertag with her artwork of an oil painting of a girls face, Jackie Mullholland for her “Stitchers Garden” quilt, which also won the People’s Choice Award and Connie Johnson for her painting of a Pier and its Lighthouse as judged by Sherry Eberly and Sheila Carpenter. There were 117 items exhibited by 53 participants.

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