Portland High School Bowling Season Preview 2019-2020

December 11, 2019


Girls Team


Portland High School Girls Bowling Coach Joe Whitford said, “This year is a rebuilding year for us we graduated 6 seniors last year. My expectations however are the same as last year due to the depth of last years under classmen we will win the CAAC Blue Division and be competitive at regionals likely another bid to State Finals for team Individually we will have 2-3 girls make it to states.”


The girls team lost some talented seniors to to graduation from last season.  Those losses include Emma Armour, Sammi Krausz, Jordyn Fyan, Kaylee Becker, Brooke Adams, and Hannah Schafer.   Armour, Krausz, Fyan and Becker were CAAC All-Conference members.


Whitford has high hopes for newcomers to his varsity teams.  Those newcomers include Olivia Gallt and Hannah Martin.  Whitford said they “have been on JV and will make a move this year.”


Whitford also said, “Jessie Whitford and Aubree Martin both are bowlers that can through a 200 game at will.  With the bowlers moving up from JV team these girls will be fun to watch.  I truly believe Jessie and Aubree will compete in the state finals possibly one more of the girls to join them.”


The girls team has been league champs for the last two seasons and Whitford is confident in his teams chance to repeat again this season. 


Whitford is assisted in his coaching duties by coach Hillary Platte


Complete girls roster:

Olivia Gallt 12th Grade

Aubree Martin 12th Grade

Hannah Martin 12th Grade

Brooke Sandborn-Zinn 11th Grade

Emma Cannon 11th Grade

Jessie Whitford 10th Grade

Kaelyn Bayless 10th Grade

Anna Humphrey 9th Grade

Claire Kwiecinski 9th Grade

Raelynn Holliday 9th Grade



Boys Team


Coach William Armour III said, “This year is a rebuilding year for us we graduated 8 seniors last year. My expectations however are the same as last year due to the depth of last years under classmen we will win the CAAC Blue Division and be competitive at regionals likely another bid to State Finals for team. Individually we will have 2-3 boys make it to states.”


The Raider boys return to action without several talented seniors from last year’s team who graduated.  Those losses to graduation include Jack Dalman, Noah Spedoske, Bennett Rushin, Evan Warner, Jarod Huhn, Vaughn Cross, Aiden Pung and Ryan Miller


Promising newcomers to the varsith squad include Josh Rutkowski , Brandon Ladisky, Joshua Krausz,, Kyle Edlund, Collin Calley, and Jacob Vroman.  Armour says, “all have made significant improvement over last year on JV team and all can though a 180 game or better.” 


Armour has particularly high expectations for one returning bowler. He said, “Luke Dalman is our returning Senior. He is pure talent and will average over 200 this year, and will make it to state finals. This team will need a few weeks to find their chemistry but have no doubt they will be great.”


Armour is assisted by Sandy VanderBroek and George Rutherford.


Complete boys roster:

Luke  Dalman  12th

Bailey Olson  11th

Brandon Ladisky  11th

Jacob  Vroman  11th

Joshua  Krausz  11th

Josh Rutkowski  11th

James Dodson  10th

Memphis Dies  10th

Kyle Edlund  10th

Collin  Calley  10th

Connor  Pline  11th

Cameron Schneider  9th

Braydon  Stauffer  9th

Christopher  Marsh  9th

Grayden  Paulin  9th

Ethan Rockey  9th

Cooper Hoskins 9th


2019-2020 Bowling Schedule


Date      Match                                             Bowling Alley

Dec 8     Kick off tournament                       Royal Scott

Dec 12 Portland @East Lansing                 Spare Time

Dec 15 Caac Baker tournament                  City Limits Mason

Dec 16 Ionia @ Portland                              Wagon Wheel

Jan 6      Lansing United @ Portland           Wagon Wheel

Jan 7      Portland @ Grand Ledge              Royal Scott

Jan 10   Eaton Rapids @ Portland              Wagon Wheel                    

Jan 12   Battle of Bakers Tournament           M66 Bowl

Jan 13   Haslett @ Portland                          Wagon Wheel                    

Jan 14    Portland @ Waverly                        Royal Scott                    

Jan 22  Portland @ Dewitt                            Royal Scott

Jan 25    Zeeland Tournament                      Fairlanes

Jan 27   East Lansing @ Portland                Wagon Wheel

Jan 30   Portland @ Ionia                              Bowling Alley

Feb 3     Dewitt @ Portland                           Wagon Wheel

Feb 6     Portland @ Haslett                          City limits East

Feb 7     Grand Ledge @ Portland               Wagon Wheel

Feb 10   Waverly @ Portland                        Wagon Wheel               

Feb 12   Portland @ Lansing United             Spare Time

Feb 15   CAAC individual tournament            Royal Scott

Feb 18   Portland @ Eaton Rapids                 Charlanes

Feb 28   Regionals                                          M66 Bowl Battle Creek

Feb 29   Regionals                                          M66 Bowl Battle Creek

Mar 6    State Finals                                        Jax 60 Jackson

Mar 7    State Finals                                        Jax 60 Jackson


Kick off tournament at Royal Scott


Both Raider bowling teams participated in the annual kick off tournament at Royal Scott Bowling alley on Saturday, December 8th.


The girls team qualified 9th after the first 12 games. Unfortunately, they were knocked out after the first round. Coach Joe Whitford said, “it was a good start for the team they are showing some great potential.”


The boys team also made the cut in 11th place.  Coach Armour said, “They exceeded my expectations even though there are some skills that need to be worked on. This team will get better and better as the season goes on.”

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