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  • James Townsend

Rep. Calley is looking out for patients with eye drop prescriptions

State Rep. Julie Calley’s legislation requiring insurers to cover early prescription eye drop refills was signed into law this week.

Calley said that more than two-thirds of people, especially seniors and young children, have trouble administering prescription eye drops, which causes them to run out of the prescribed medication sooner. Because prescription eye drops are written for the precise amount of drops, this can pose a significant problem. Patients are faced with going without their eye drops, which endangers their vision, or paying full retail price for an early refill that may cost hundreds of dollars.

Calley’s legislation requires that insurers cover eye drop prescription refills if 21 days have passed from the most recent refill or prescription distribution or if 70 percent of the dosage has been utilized.

“Prescriptions are expensive, and without this change many people will go without their necessary prescriptions because they can’t afford to pay for them without insurance,” Calley said. “Insurers must step up to ensure patients have regular access to the prescriptions they need.”

The legislation is part of House Republicans’ greater effort to reduce health care costs in Michigan.

House Bill 4451 is now Public Act 139 of 2019.

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