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Cutler Road Re-opens - Ribbon Cutting Scheduled for November 14th

The long-awaited re-opening of Cutler Road occurred on Monday night at 5:00 PM. This followed a seven-month long closure that forced almost 800 cars per day to detour. A Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, sponsored by the Ionia County Road Department, is scheduled for 1:00 PM on November 14th.

This project was funded by the Michigan Department of Transportation and cost $3.8 Million. C & L Trucking of Ionia, Davis Construction of Mulliken and Superior Asphalt of Wyoming, Michigan were the primary subcontractors on the project.

Paul Spitzley, who is the Ionia County Road Departments Engineer, shared with the Beacon, “In a unique partnership, Danby and Portland Townships each contributed $100,000 to pave Cutler Road from Grand River to the new bridge. Cutler Road is the township line and divides the two townships. In addition, the Ionia County Road Department contributed approximately $50,000 in design and construction oversight services.”

Spitzley reported that the Ionia County Road Department spends $2 Million a year to maintain Ionia County Roads. Spitzley said that the paving from Grand River to the bridge is, “a very significant collaborative event.” Spitley also shared that “Cutler Road serves 750-800 cars a day and gravel roads do not work well for over 400 cars per day”. However, there are no plans to pave Cutler Road on the north side of the new bridge at this time.

There remains some project site clean-up to finish as well as restoration of the resident driveways that were affected by the bridge construction. However, Cutler Road is now open for use.

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