2017 PHS Girls Bowling Season Preview

December 9, 2017


When asked about his thoughts on his team’s progress in early practices this season, PHS Girls Bowling coach Joe Whitford said, “Look out, because here we come!”


Last year the team finished second in their conference, and missed first place by just one win. 


Whitford is in his fifth-year coaching bowling.  On top of his duties at PHS, he is also the assistant bowling coach at Cornerstone University.


The team was young last year and did not have any seniors, but according to Whitford, he has several key players returning.  He said, “This year we have seniors Ashley Zinn and Ali Schrauben that have made great improvements on their game over the years. They are ready to handle anything. We have juniors Emma Armour and Jordyn Fyan that will set their sights on being competitive and win every match. Last year’s new comer Aubree Martin was a huge asset as she along with the others are willing to learn the game.”


Whitford’s roster has also grown, and now has 18 girls on it.  He said, “Some with experience and some without. I’m happy to have new comers as they are eager to learn and are coachable. I think we will be competitive for several years.”


While the increased numbers are great, it does put a new challenge on the coach.  Whitford said, “So much talent and only five can bowl in a match. Sometimes it’s hard to pick your starting five bowlers. With 18 girls and the talent, I believe we will take first place in our CAAC conference this year! 


The team scrimmaged the St. Patrick squad on Wednesday, and the Raiders won 17-13.


The team’s regular season opens on with a tournament at the Royal Scot in Lansing on December 10th.


2017 Schedule

Date                      Opponent                        Location                                            Time

12/10/17              Tournament                       Royal Scot (Away)                            9:00 AM

12/11/17              Waverly                             Meadow Bowl (Home)                      3:15 PM

12/15/17              Eaton Rapids                    Char Lanes (Away)                           3:15 PM

12/19/17              Holt                                    City Limits (Away)                            3:00 PM

1/3/18                   Jackson                            Airport (Away)                                  3:15 PM

1/8/18                   Grand Ledge                    Royal Scot (Away)                            3:15 PM

1/10/18                Mason                                City Limits (Away)                            3:00 PM

1/12/18                DeWitt                                Royal Scot (Away)                            3:15 PM

1/14/18                Tournament                       M66 Bowl (Away)                              9:00 AM

1/16/18                Ionia                                   Ionia (Away)                                      3:15 PM

1/22/18                Haslett                                Meadow Bowl (Home)                      3:15 PM

1/26/18                Eaton Rapids                      Meadow Bowl (Home)                      3:15 PM

1/29/18                Mason                                 Meadow Bowl (Home)                      3:15 PM

1/30/18                Waverly                               Royal Scot (Away)                            3:15 PM

2/2/18                   Ionia                                    Meadow Bowl (Home)                      3:15 PM

2/3/18                   Zeeland Tournament           GR (Away)                                       8:30 AM

2/5/18                   DeWitt                                  Meadow Bowl (Home)                    3:15 PM

2/9/18                   Grand Ledge                      Meadow Bowl (Home)                     3:15 PM

2/11/18                CAAC Tournament               Royal Scot (Away)                            8:00 AM

2/20/18                Haslet                                   City Limits (Away)                            3:00 PM


2017 Roster

12th Grade

Ali Schrauben

Ashley Zinn

Grace Platte.

Hannah Densmore


11th Grade

Jordyn Fyan.

Emma Armour

Sammi Krausz

Kaylee Becker

Macey Fazakerley

Hannah Schafer


10th Grade

Aubree Martin

Olivia Gallt

Hannah Martin


9th Grade

Brooke Sandborn

Emma Cannon

Ally Fedewa

Katie Platte

Autumn Shimer

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