New Recycling Program for Portland and Danby Townships

September 15, 2017


Press release from Portland Township
September 4, 2018
For immediate publication

New Recycling Program for Portland and Danby Townships

As the City of Portland prepares for curbside recycling and the removal of the recycling dumpsters at
Bogue Flats, the residents of Portland and Danby Township are also preparing for a change. For the past
five years the three municipalities have shared the cost of recycling, while the City of Portland has
provided the recycling site.

Portland and Danby Township officials began seeking an alternate solution as soon as they became
aware of the City of Portland's upcoming change. Many township residents have shown an interest in
curbside recycling, but because of the rural nature of the two townships, curbside recycling is not an
option at this time.

According to Portland Township Supervisor Christian Jensen, Granger Waste Services was contacted in
the spring to investigate what options would be available for the townships. Granger representative Phil
Mikus attended a Portland Township meeting to educate board members about the availability of co-
mingled (or single-source) recycling at a local site. Co-mingled recycling allows residents to combine all
recycled materials in one bin. The materials are then sorted at a sorting facility.

Danby Township Supervisor Dan Platte also attended the meeting with Mr. Mikus and the two
townships began to move forward together to provide residents the most cost-efficient plan. The new
recycling program for the two townships will begin at the end of October.

Brian Wohlschied, owner of Municipal Supply, has offered recycling space at his property, located on
Industrial Drive at no cost to the townships. Granger Waste Services will drop off recycling bins at that
site on the fourth Saturday of each month. The site will be available from 8 am – 5 pm on Saturday and
Sunday. Volunteers will be available to help unload and to answer questions.

It should be noted that this will not be a public recycling site; it is open only to the residents of Portland
and Danby Townships. The costs of the program will be paid by the two townships.

If your group would like to volunteer to help out on one of the recycling dates, please contact Chris
Jensen (989-289- 4071) or Dan Platte (517-994- 8086). Watch the township websites for additional and
ongoing information about the program.

Industrial Drive is located off Lyons Road, just past the entrance to Portland High School.

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