• James Townsend

The Portland Beacon Needs Your Support

While we in Portland may not have as much going on as the bigger cities do, we still have plenty of news worth sharing. Here at the Beacon, our goal is “to serve as a steward of the community by educating citizens so as to encourage a more engaged and vibrant community.” From our schools and city council, to local small businesses and nonprofits, we have a lot going on in this town.

I started the Beacon in August of 2017 to establish a new local news source for Portland that keeps the focus on local. While exhausting at times, running this site has been an awesome experience. It has given me the opportunity to meet many fine people, and share numerous events with the community.

The Beacon is not your typical news site. It cannot survive on advertising dollars alone. While I do sincerely appreciate our advertisers, we also need the support of our readers. As a reader, your clicks, likes, shares and comments really do help. Our social media platforms use reader engagement to drive who else sees those posts.

Subscribing to our daily or weekly email newsletters also gives us data to show perspective advertisers how many local residents value the content of The Beacon. You can subscribe for either at https://www.theportlandbeacon.com/subscribe.

If you as a reader are interested in contributing funds to help us cover our costs, that would be greatly appreciated. You can get more information on how to do so by check or by PayPal at https://www.theportlandbeacon.com/contribute.

While we are a very small operation, we do have substantial costs. Your financial support helps cover administrative costs of the site and helps pay for our handful or paid contributors.

We are always looking for new local advertisers as well. We offer affordable options for even the smallest businesses and your sponsorship supports local journalism right here in the community.

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