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  • Kurt Fedewa

St. Patrick Church

St. Patrick Parish has had an important presence in Portland for over 150 years. Fr. Michael Alber is currently serving it as pastor.

“I appreciate the sacramental life that the parish affords to me,” said Fr. Alber. “I enjoy providing baptism, confirmation, and the Eucharist to our congregation. It is satisfying to serve people and to see to their needs.”

Fr. Alber was graduated from Mundelein Seminary and was ordained a priest in 2002. Fr. Alber appreciates the opportunity to be of service to the parish.

“It is a great privilege to be available to people at important moments of their lives, such as when they have a child or when a loved one dies,” he said. “All of these moments are beautiful in their own way.”

St. Patrick offers a pre-K through 12th grade school to the community.

“It’s exciting to watch a group of senior students be graduated from high school and to go off into the world to become what they may become,” said Fr. Alber “It’s also exciting to see young people make their first communion and to see others confirmed in their faith. There is always something fulfilling here to observe and in which to participate,” he said.

Fr. Alber said that the parish is returning to normal now that the pandemic is lessening in severity. He stated that the parish was very active in many projects prior to Covid-19 and that the life of the parish is moving forward again with such things as the reestablishment of adult formation and of catechesis.

“St. Patrick Parish is a wonderful place,” said Fr. Alber. “It’s deeply rooted in a sense of faith and in family values. And it’s always exciting to be part of weekend masses. Just being together as a parish and celebrating the Eucharist is exciting.”

Fr. Alber credits his staff for much of the ongoing success of the parish.

“My staff is very capable,” he said. “They are willing to serve our community and to do their best at it. I feel blessed to have them. It is a great blessing to simply be part of St. Patrick. I thank the parishioners for their faith and I thank the people of Portland for all of their goodwill. Portland is a special place.”


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