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PPS Announces Updated 2020-2021 Calendar and 2021-2022 Calendar

In an email to parents on March 9th, the Portland Public Schools announced an updated 2020-2021 school year calendar, as well as the district's 2021-2022 school calendar.

The updated 2020-2021 calendar can be found HERE.

The 2021-2022 calendar can be found HERE.

In the email, Superintendent William Heath said "This calendar update (for 2020-2021) takes us to the end of this school year. The previous calendar was updated in December and included changes through the end of third marking period. This update is for changes during 4th marking period (March 29 - June 11) and includes our Virtual Instruction Wednesday dates. There are a couple of exceptions to the Wednesday rule for Virtual Instruction. There will not be virtual instruction days on March 31, June 2, and June 9. Also, the Federal and State government require that we test our students this spring. Our busiest testing week will be the week of April 12 - 16. To help with that week the High School has developed its own schedule and we have moved our virtual instruction day for grades DK - 7 to Tuesday April 13. Grades 8 - 12 will not have a virtual day during the week of April 12 - 16."

The email also said, "I am often asked about why we don’t have a multiple year calendar. We had moved to developing multi-year calendars prior to COVID and our intent last spring was to produce a 2020-2022 calendar. Because of COVID we only approved this year’s calendar. With the uncertainties for our future and the needs of our students we are only doing a one year calendar again. My hope is that next spring we will be able to go back to a two year calendar. Usually the request for a multi-year calendar is for family planning around winter break and spring break. The district is required to follow a countywide common calendar. This formula calendar establishes winter break and spring break dates each year. You can find this calendar on our website under the parent tab."

The Ionia County Common Calendar can be found HERE.

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