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Portland Tennis falls to Williamston

Portland Girls Varsity Tennis opened their season at Williamston Tuesday. Williamston competed hard and earned their 6-2 defeat over Portland. With not a lot of “court time” during our early season practices due to weather conditions, the team went into the match knowing every point was a learning opportunity. While the “W” column didn’t garner a notch this match, the team benefitted from being on the court and in match play. Each player, returning and new varsity team members, walked off the court with determination to meet new goals for their next match. Those are the important, defining moments in the early season that will push the team to continually work hard to improve.

Winning match shout outs go to 1 singles, Alyssa Jack, for her 6-2, 6-2 victory and 2 singles, Adriana Krieger, for her 6-3, 6-3 victory. An additional nod of recognition is given to 4 singles, CeCe Little, for her incredible second set effort in an attempt to take her opponent to three sets.

Singles: No. 1 - Alyssa Jack, PORTLAND HIGH SCHOOL def. AnnaSophia Stone, WILLIAMSTON HIGH SCHOOL, 6-2 , 6-2 , -;

No. 2 - Adriana Krieger, PORTLAND HIGH SCHOOL def. Morgan Harkema, WILLIAMSTON HIGH SCHOOL, 6-3 , 6-3 , -;

No. 3 - Carly Clos, WILLIAMSTON HIGH SCHOOL def. Keegan Rockey, PORTLAND HIGH SCHOOL, 6-0 , 6-1 , -;

No. 4 - Ava Jesse, WILLIAMSTON HIGH SCHOOL def. Cecelia Little, PORTLAND HIGH SCHOOL, 6-1 , 7-5 , -; Doubles: No. 1 - Kennedy Carson, WILLIAMSTON HIGH SCHOOL - Lauren Kersten, WILLIAMSTON HIGH SCHOOL def. Kara Kraczon, PORTLAND HIGH SCHOOL - Bella Virk, PORTLAND HIGH SCHOOL, 3-6 , 6-1 , 6-2 ;

No. 2 - Lili McGuire, WILLIAMSTON HIGH SCHOOL - Maggie Sinke, WILLIAMSTON HIGH SCHOOL def. Allyson Logel, PORTLAND HIGH SCHOOL - Elizabeth Seavey, PORTLAND HIGH SCHOOL, 6-3 , 6-2 , -;

No. 3 - Annelise Jeitschko, WILLIAMSTON HIGH SCHOOL - Abigail Eyke, WILLIAMSTON HIGH SCHOOL def. Bryanna Hengesbach, PORTLAND HIGH SCHOOL - Sadie Carey, PORTLAND HIGH SCHOOL, 6-1 , 6-1 , -;

No. 4 - Kenzie Miklocjik, WILLIAMSTON HIGH SCHOOL - Addie Huberts, WILLIAMSTON HIGH SCHOOL def. Adriana Adler, PORTLAND HIGH SCHOOL - Brooklynn Heinicke, PORTLAND HIGH SCHOOL, 6-1 , 6-0 , -;

The team’s next match is Thursday when we travel to St. Johns.

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