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  • Andrew Seavey

Portland Football Grabs Their First Win of the Season, Dominating Charlotte 33-0

For the Raiders, week 1 left a lot to be desired. The fans were left waiting for Portland’s first touchdown and wondering if the Raiders traditional dominant defense was yet another casualty of COVID. After a brutal loss like that, it’s hard to keep your spirits up, but the Raiders rebounded, shutting out a pesky Charlotte Orioles team, in an impressive fashion.

For the majority of the first quarter, the Raiders used their traditional run-heavy offense, led by Caden Galey and Trent Trierweiler. However, they weren’t able to generate much momentum. The defense on the other hand got the job done. Portland was able to apply a lot of pressure to Charlotte’s QB, forcing many incompletions. Despite the gritty attitude the Raiders approached the first quarter with, the score remained 0-0.

Running back, Trent Trierweiler showcased his value, scoring a touchdown on the first drive of the second quarter. Portland’s momentum carried with them to the defensive side of the ball as well. Reis Phillips intercepted the ball giving the Raiders significant control midway through the quarter. The offense then marched down the field, utilizing the half back toss to their advantage. Sophomore stud, Drew Miller then pounded the ball into the end zone, putting the Raiders up 13-0 at the half.

The Orioles came out of Halftime optimistic. They weren’t going to let the Raiders dominate them, definitely not without a fight. Charlotte used their productive passing ability to disarm the Raiders, but the defense showed up when it mattered, preventing a first down on a fourth down conversion attempt. The run game proved effective for the Raiders all night long as Galey and Trierweiler worked their way down the field almost effortlessly. Phillips was able to plow his way into the end zone giving Portland a comfortable lead (19-0), heading into the fourth quarter.

Caden Galey was a human highlight reel in the fourth quarter, punching the ball in for a rushing touchdown and adding an interception for good measure. Portland showed no mercy either as Haden Getchell displayed his explosiveness scoring yet another Touchdown for the Raiders. The team dominated the ground game all night long, showing sparks of their old form, winning 33-0.

When asked what his team did differently this week, Head Coach John Novara stated, “I thought we really grew up tonight. I just thought we started playing a little bit faster and more physical”. The Raiders will look to build off of this week's success, but that will start with their Versatile Quarterback, Haden Getchell. Early this summer, it was sort of a mystery who would take over as the next great Portland High School QB. When asked what prompted him to choose Getchell, Coach Novara without hesitation said, “Haden is a great athlete. He can throw the ball, he can run the ball and he’s a dynamic kid that we haven’t had in a few years”. Raider fans definitely have a bright future to look forward to with such a young, up and coming team.

The Raiders will play the rival Lansing Catholic Cougars (2-0) next Friday 10/2 at home.


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