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Portland City Manager Stepping Down after 10 years of Service

Portland City Manager, Tutt Gorman is moving on from the City of Portland after a decade of service to the City. Mr. Gorman was hired as the City Manager in June 2014. “After 10 years of service, it’s time to pursue other interests and spend time with family”, said Gorman.  “I am incredibly grateful to the Mayor and City Council for affording me this opportunity. It has truly been an honor and privilege to serve the community and work with the best group of people.”

“We are grateful for Mr. Gorman’s service and immense contributions to the City and its residents”, Mayor James E. Barnes stated. “Mr. Gorman has served the City of Portland with the highest degree of dedication, skill, integrity, and resourcefulness. In addition to the litany of projects and improvements Mr. Gorman has succeeded in bringing from ‘wish list’ status into existence, there have been several unique events, such as natural disasters and states of emergency, that have provided an opportunity for Mr. Gorman to demonstrate his leadership and resourcefulness. Mr. Gorman has improved the way the City plans and executes the providing of services to the residents of Portland by acknowledging the need to build and maintain critical infrastructure while being responsible in addressing the cost of providing those services. In so doing, Mr. Gorman has made Portland and the Greater Portland Community a desirable place for businesses to locate and a safe and enjoyable place for residents to live, work, play, worship and call home for many years to come.”


Mayor Pro Tem, VanSlambrouck added, “This has been a very fast decade, ten years flying by.  The City has accomplished more in these ten years under the direction and supervision of Tutt, than any other ten-year tenure I have been involved in. These are big shoes to fill.  As council begins to search for a suitable replacement for the City and its citizens, our city staff will once again be asked to perform at a high level in the interim.”


"We are thankful for Mr. Gorman’s years of dedication and commitment to the City”, said Council Member, Patrick Fitzsimmons. “Whether it be relentlessly pursuing state funding or simply being available to talk to residents, Mr. Gorman demonstrated that he truly cares about our community."


Council Member Amanda Johnston stated, “Mr. Gorman’s innate ability to see the potential in Portland has changed the trajectory of our city over the last 10 years. In the midst of several natural disasters - with Mr. Gorman at the helm - Portland has continued to improve and grow. Every decision has been made with careful thought and planning. It has been a joy to work alongside Mr. Gorman and see hopes and dreams for Portland turn into reality, and I wish him well in his future endeavors.”

“Tutt has been a pleasure to work with”, stated Council Member, Erica Sheehan. “He has consistently made sure that council has all the information they need to make the best decisions for the City. He will be very difficult to replace and we will miss him. I wish him the best in all his future endeavors.”

Mr. Gorman’s last day with the City is August 12, 2024. The City will soon begin the selection process to fill the city manager position.


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