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Local Artist Joshua Wambaugh has Sculpture Installed in Muskegon

Portland resident Joshua Wambaugh recently had an approximately 15-foot sculpture installed at Hobo's Tavern in North Muskegon.

The owner had contacted Wambaugh in May asking for a sculpture of a palm tree, wanting something bright and colorful to put on the outdoor sand patio located between his two restaurants. They knew of Wambaugh from a sculpture he had installed at Big Hart Brewing in his hometown of Hart, MI.

At over 600 pounds total, the palm tree took just over three months and 100 hours to research, design, and weld. With a sculpture this big, the main concern was being able to dissemble for transportation. Josh created a system where each palm leaf can detach from the trunk.

“The top piece was probably the most challenging part, and it came together almost like a puzzle,” Wambaugh reflected.

Wambaugh currently works for Consumers Energy out of Lansing, and pursues sculpture in his spare time. He graduated from Grand Valley State University in 2010 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with an emphasis in Sculpture.

When asked what is next, Wambaugh responded, “I’m so thankful to Hobo’s Tavern for reaching out and giving me the opportunity to do something I love. We’ve had some talks about possibly doing a second palm tree for the patio there, so that could potentially come sometime next year.”

Courtesy photos.

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