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Eclipse Tips: Stay Safe While Driving in MI

Michigan is one of 15 lucky states that will be visited by the Moon's shadow during the total solar eclipse on April 8th (also Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, Illinois, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Missouri, Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine.) As the eclipse exits Ohio at Toledo, the western line travels about 31 miles in Michigan. Many are expected to be traveling on Michigan roads hoping to see this rare natural phenomenon.


With so many people traveling at once and with so many distractions, consider these tips from State Farm to reduce the risk of having the amazing day eclipsed by an accident or injury.

  • Do not look directly at the sun without solar goggles or eye protection. The only time when it is safe to do so are the few minutes or totality when the Moon’s shadow has completely eclipsed the sun. And remember to put your goggles back on when totality has concluded.

  • If you are on the road driving or stuck in traffic, pull over at a rest area when it is safe to do so. If you are the driver, do not drive with solar goggles on or watch the solar eclipse while you are actively driving on the road.

  • Keep your headlights on, especially during the few minutes of totality when it is dark.

  • Be patient. With millions of drivers on the road before and after the eclipse, traffic on US roads may seem more like a parking lot than an interstate.

  • Watch out for pedestrians. People will be out walking in parking lots, on sidewalks and in county parks. Their eyes will be locked on the sky and they may not pay attention to traffic around them.

  • Keep extra space between you and the car in front of you. This will provide safe braking distance should the car in front of you become distracted or isn’t paying attention.

Image and announcement courtesy of State Farm.


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