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Culp Chiropractic: New Location, Same Great Care

The freshly painted walls are still relatively free from decoration. There just hadn’t been any time. There was so much to be done to get the clinic ready for patients. Would there be any patients at all?

Dr. Jennifer Culp made the decision to open her own chiropractic practice, but not without a big helping of anxiety. Dr. Culp’s daughter, Grace, said “She didn’t want her patients to think she had abandoned them.” Apart from the question of whether her clients would follow her to the new office, there was the challenge of getting the office prepared to provide her special brand of care. Computers, phones, and adjusting tables needed to be acquired and set up to accommodate her patient’s needs.

With two weeks of time to prepare for the possibility of opening her own practice, Dr. Culp’s family was left with only 24 hours to prepare for patients once the decision was made. Dr. Culp’s son, Brennan said it was “All hands on deck. The amount of work was just insane.” Grace adds “It’s been a good kind of crazy.”

Dr. Culp began seeing patients the day after the move, her family stepped in to help paint the office at night after close. Grace, having just finished the academic year at the University of Dayton where she studies finance, was recruited to run the office. Brennan ensures that all the technology needed to run a medical office continues to operate smoothly, as well as anything else that might need attention, to include designing the business cards.

Between the decorating and critical systems that needed to be taken care of, there was another significant area of concern—billing. Who would handle the intricacies of insurance and medical billing? The answer was found in Dr. Culp’s long-time billing specialist, Renee Goodman, who has worked with Dr. Culp for 14 years.

Dr. Culp, originally from DeWitt, got to see the incredible benefits of chiropractic care from a very young age. The drastic improvement to her mother’s health that came with chiropractic adjustments was convincing enough that her father moved the entire family to Georgia to study chiropractic medicine. The family then moved to Battle Creek where Dr. Jennifer primarily grew up. Chiropractic practice has been a significant force in the Culp family, with Jennifer’s dad still practicing part time at the age of 86, and two of her brothers are practicing chiropractors as well.

“When people move better, they feel better.” said Dr. Culp. It’s the primary goal of chiropractic care. The passion for chiropractic medicine is surpassed only by her passion for people. That passion seems to be shared by her family. I could not imagine a more welcoming and friendly atmosphere. Of her purpose in the community, Dr. Culp said that her core values go back to her education in chiropractic practice; “To give, love, and serve with integrity and kindness in whatever way God calls you.” These ideals are easy to see in her practice.

Any anxiety surrounding the question of whether the patients would come has faded away. They came. Patients began walking in the first day the office was open. Dr. Culp credits the community for their “overwhelming, wonderful outpouring of love and support.” She said she is humbled by the feedback she has received from the community, and she looks forward to being able to continue serving the people of Portland and surrounding communities, and if her father is any indication, she will be serving us for a long time to come.

Stop in to say “hi” or schedule an adjustment: 9751 East Grand River Ave Suite 2 Portland, MI 48875 (517) 994-6007

As a supporter of the community, Dr. Culp is a financial supporter of The Portland Beacon.


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