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  • Jordan D. Smith

Cardboard Canoes To Set Sail on Grand River

To say that this plan is water tight might be an exaggeration but that’s ok, because getting wet and having fun is the point. The same group of people that brought you Portland’s 1st Annual Independence Day River Parade are planning another fun event on the river for August 21st...cardboard canoes. The newly minted Portland Downtown Business Assocation’s aim is to bring Portlanders and out of towners alike to downtown Portland for fun events that build a sense of place and community.

For a $30 registration fee teams will receive a full kit of allowed materials to construct their boat including cardboard sheets, tape, yardsticks, and glue. Prizes will be awarded for the overall winners of the race as well as for creative design and team spirit.

The competition involving teams of up to 4 will have from 10:30 AM to 2:00 PM to construct their craft in the parking lot adjacent to the Bridge Street Bridge. At 3:00 PM races will commence starting from the Bridge Street Bridge and ending at the Grand River Ave Bridge. Depending on how many entrants there are, there may be multiple heats.

While the emphasis is on the building and racing it is sture to be a fun event to watch as well if only to see boats sink. The venue creates a natural amphitheater, according to event organizer Tim Fuller, with people able to view the races from both bridges as well as along the boardwalk.

For more information, including full rules on the competition, and to register visit the events page on Facebook

PHOTO: Courtesy Portland Downtown Business Association


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