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Business Spotlight: Grand Hearing Center

The Grand Hearing Center is a therapeutic venue serving the Portland area. Doug Logel Jr. is an audiologist who owns and operates the center. “We diagnose hearing loss through hearing examinations and we rehabilitate people by fitting them with hearing aids,” said Doug.

Doug grew up in Portland and was graduated from St. Patrick High School. He received a Bachelor of Science in Communication Disorders from Central Michigan University and a Master of Arts in Audiology from MSU. He has also passed the state hearing examination and has received a Certificate of Clinical Competency. He has 20 years of experience.

“I very much enjoy helping people in this manner,” said Doug. “The most enjoyable aspect of my job is in helping people reconnect with others through better hearing,” he said.

Doug was born with hearing loss himself. Fitted with hearing aids as a child, Doug says that he feels grateful that he has been able to help other people with hearing technology and because he has benefited from it himself.

“Hearing loss often isolates people and they experience anxiety as a result of it. I find it satisfying to relieve this anxiety by restoring them to better hearing,” he said.

Doug said that hearing technology has come a long way over the years. “It has improved in remarkable ways,” said Doug. “It really helps people out.”

Doug was raised with the value that it is important to give back to the community in which he lives. He has done this by being on the Portland Public School board as well as by being on the board of the Portland Community Fund. He also served as a volunteer fireman for 18 years.

“I feel grateful to live in Portland,” said Doug. “It’s a wonderful community and a great place to raise my

family. At the end of the day, I feel good that I am able to help people in our fine city and to make a difference in their lives,” he said.

This piece was originally published in the Downtown Portland Newsletter for January 2022. You can find the whole newsletter HERE.


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