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  • Robert Lathers

Portland City Council Approves Plan to Sell “Surplus Real-Estate” in Cherry Hill Estates

Thirteen parcels of land that are located on the east side of Cherry Hill Estates will be put up for bid as soon as the Portland City Manager is able to formally develop and publish the bid process and requirements. The City originally acquired the property in January 2012 from Ionia County, after tax foreclosure, by way of a quitclaim deed recorded at the Ionia County Register of Deeds.

Tutt Gorman, told the Beacon that it is the intent of the City to sell all thirteen parcels to a single bidder. The undeveloped properties will require significant infrastructure development, including an access road, off Donna Drive. Donna Drive leads into the neighborhood immediately to the east of Cherry Hill Estates. Due to the nature of the property up for bid, access to the thirteen parcels will be through what is now designated as Slowins Drive at its Donna Drive intersection.

These properties are of no viable use to the city according to Gorman and would be better utilized by a developer and subsequently placed on the City tax roll.

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