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  • James Townsend

Raider Bowling Results from DeWitt and Haslett

On Monday, the Raider bowling teams hosted DeWitt at the Wagon Wheel.

The Dewitt girls defeated Portland squad 21 to 9.

Notable scores for Portland:

Jessie Whitford 189

Aubree Martin 170

Notable scores for DeWitt:

Corina Hernandez 168, 165

Montana Hernandez 150 Coach Joe Whitford said, “The first loss of the year is hard to see. The girls struggled to make spares today.”

The DeWitt boys defeated Portland 22 to 8.

Notable scores for Portland:

Cooper Hoskins 224

Josh Rutkowski 192, 186

Luke Dalman 186 183

Notable scores for Dewitt:

Dylan Boling 242

Alex Miller 233

Kobi Sump 227

Portland started strong with help from freshman Cooper Hoskins 224 game taking 7 points then Dewitt came back winning game 2 and both bakers for the win.

On Thursday the Portland teams headed to City Limits to face Haslett for a crossover match.

Portland’s girls lost to Haslett 16 to 14. Notable scores for Portland:

Anna Humphrey 148

Notable scores for Haslett:

Ashlyn Tebedo 202

“Portland’s girls struggled with spares and adjusting to a different oil pattern” Coach Joe Whitford said. “We will continue to support our bowlers to make them better.”

Portland boys team defeated Haslett by score of 18 to 12.

Notable scores for Portland:

Cooper Hoskins 194

Luke Dalman 177

Notable scores for Haslett:

Tyler Coffey 188

“We started strong and then struggled in the second game winning both Bakers to win the match. Very proud of our team” said coach William Armour III.

Portland’s next action is at the Wagon Wheel against Grand Ledge on Friday.

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