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  • Kevin Veale

2020-21 What a Year! Record setting year for PHS Athletics

As we kickoff the start of the 2021-22 school year, we need to take a look back at last year, a year that will go down in history in more ways than one. When people look back at history, 2020-21 will be a year that stands out for a number of obvious reasons, many of them negative. From a PHS Athletics standpoint, 2020-21 will go down as a great year - the BEST year ever in terms of team championships won.

PHS Athletic teams won a total of 14 team CHAMPIONSHIPS in the 2020-21 school year. We won eight League Championships, (previous best going back to WWII was five in a year) - football, girls basketball, boys and girls bowling, cheerleading, wrestling, boys golf, and girls tennis. Five of those League Championships were in the winter alone which is also a record for one season (previous best was three in a season). We also won three District Championships - girls basketball, cheerleading, and wrestling; two Regional Championships – girls basketball and girls tennis; and of course, the second ever State Championship in PHS History when Girls Basketball won it all in April. All of that during a historical pandemic! Those record-setting numbers of championships is impressive enough but to accomplish all of that during a pandemic makes them stand out even more. It should be noted too that while the schedules were moved several times and jam-packed together, full seasons were still completed and there was not ONE win in any sport by forfeit due to the pandemic. The 14 team championships were as legitimate as they come. Congrats to all athletes and coaches on a record-setting year for Portland Athletics! Here's to 2021-22, let's break another record!

Courtesy photo.

Kevin Veale, CAA, is the Athletic Director for Portland Public Schools.

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