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  • Benjamin Rex Cross

St. Patrick's Men jump off the deep end

As a man, have you felt like you were designed for more? Does the daily grind get you down, and you feel like you were designed for greater things? Are there parts of your life that you aren't proud of? Maybe addictions or habits that seem to detract from your mission as a husband, father, or man? If you answered yes, maybe you should consider joining the St. Patrick's Men's Group on a journey of self exploration. Men of the parish have joined together to commit to Exodus 90. The is a program that is designed to break us of our addictions and help us to establish ourselves as upright men of God who are committed to our wives, children and communities. It is a rigorous program, committed to 90 days of prayer, scripture, and asceticism, which is tailor made to defeating the things that are most destructive to our masculinity. There is a Fraternity that is necessary to complete difficult tasks, and men are committed to helping you achieve your physical, spiritual and mental goals. This journey begins January 7th, and goes for 90 days. Part of the program is regular, rigorous physical exercise, and to that end, St. Patrick's Parish will be opening their gymnasium every Saturday from 7:30-9:00 am for open gym. This is an opportunity to play basketball and get some exercise in a fun, light, and Christian environment. For more details, please visit the website at Email Benjamin Cross at or cell at 517-526-5144, or Dan Harraka at or cell at 517-526-5363. Please join the movement and become the man you were destined to be!

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