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  • Robert Lathers

Barnes Re-elected as Mayor

Portland City Council Members unanimously re-elected Jim Barnes as Portland City Mayor for another two-year term at its organizational meeting on Monday night. Joel VanSlambrouck was elected as Mayor-Pro-Tem.

Barnes, who has been Mayor of Portland since 2003, told the Beacon, “It’s very humbling and much appreciated to be chosen by the City Council to continue as Mayor of Portland”. The Portland City Charter requires the mayor to be chosen by the City Council from its duly elected members. In order to be elected Mayor, a person must first be elected to the City Council. Barnes has been on the Portland City Council since 1999.

Barnes shared that he was very pleased with a 15% voter turnout for the City Council election on November 5th since there were no other offices or issues on the ballot. Barnes and VanSlambourck received 353 and 318 votes respectively and earned four-year-terms on the Council. Erica Sheehan, a first-time office seeker, received 261 votes and earned a two-year-term on the Council. Council members Sheehan, Amanda Johnston, and Patrick Fitzsimmons will be up for re-election in November, 2021.

“I’m really excited about new Council Member Sheehan!”, Barnes declared. “She is going to do a good job. She is fully engaged in the community. I am very excited to work with her”.

Mayor Barnes concluded his comments to the Beacon by expressing that “This City Council election was an affirmation by the citizens of Portland that they agree with the direction that the City is going. That is the result of the excellent work being done by City Manager Gorman, the City Department Heads, and the fine people who work for the City”.

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