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Support Local Journalism in Portland

In the two years that The Portland Beacon has been serving this community, we have published more than 1,500 pieces and had over 284,000 views on our site. From sewer discharges to criminal activity, and local high schools to hometown charities, we strive to help keep this community informed of the current events happening right here in Portland. We are dedicated to building a more engaged and informed community.

While we have been successful on doing this with very little resources so far, we need your help to survive and grow.

The Beacon is dependent on a mix of local advertising and reader support. We need your financial support to cover the costs of operating the Beacon, and to purchase additional content moving forward.

If you are a reader, a contribution of as little as $5 will help us continue sharing the news of Portland. You can make a contribution online at

If you operate a local business, you can show your current and future customers that your support local journalism by purchasing advertising on our site. With options starting at just $50 a month, you can reach a local Portland audience while supporting coverage of the community your business calls home. For new advertisers in the month of November, we are offering two months for the price of one.

​​To learn more about advertising options, please email or call 517-526-4696 today.

Disclaimer: Due to the owner of The Portland Beacon working for the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, conflict of interest restrictions will apply. We cannot sell advertising space to any business or organization regulated or funded by MDHHS. Management of The Portland Beacon reserves the right to refuse advertising space and sponsored content for any reason.

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