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Business Spotlight— “Riemer Eyecare”

Dr. Randall Riemer is an optometrist who has been serving Portland since 1990.

Dr. Riemer is well acquainted with small towns, having grown up in several, including Three Rivers, Michigan. Dr. Riemer attended Ferris State University, where he received his Doctor of Optometry, and he is trained to care for eyes in all ways but surgery.

“I am trained to treat glaucoma, pink eye, and eye inflammations, in addition to providing eye examinations,” said Dr. Riemer. “I also treat lid infections, I remove foreign bodies from eyes, and I manage retinopathy.”

Dr. Riemer’s staff is also well-trained in eye care. They thoroughly understand eyeglasses and contact lenses and are in a position to make specific recommendations to suit individual needs.

The cost of Dr. Riemer’s services are competitive.

“There’s a common misconception that private eye care providers are more expensive than large commercial offices,” he said. “In fact, we offer a better product than large corporations, and at a lower price. We also offer high quality advice to our patients. We give them personal attention that is not found everywhere.”

Dr. Riemer’s office has a four-fold mission. “We provide the latest technology to our patients. We provide great value. We make it easy for patients to access our services, and we do this in a fun and in a loving environment. We want our patients to enjoy being here,” he said.

Dr. Riemer appreciates Portland. “I love this town,” he said. “It’s a great place with great people. Small towns are so much more personal than big cities. Portland is a beautiful community in which to be.”

Dr. Riemer is accepting new patients. “Everyone is welcome here,” said Dr. Riemer.

This piece was originally published in the November 2019 Downtown Portland Newsletter. Republished with permission.

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