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Local Business Spotlight: Bill’s Party Store

Bill and Roberta Lear are the proud owners of Bill’s party Store, a liquor and convenience store that serves Portland and its surrounding community.

Bill has been in business since 1970, when he ran Lear’s Supermarket. In 1978, Bill opened Bill’s Party Store.

“The party store is a good place to be.” Said Bill. “I agree.” Said Roberta. “Our owners and our employees work hard to create a very special environment at the store.”

Among its many offerings, Bill’s sells groceries, chips, and soft drinks; but it specializes in liquor and in craft beer.

“Craft beer is available in bottles and cans.” Said Bill. “But our customers may also fill growlers, howlers, and yowlers with the craft brew on tap. In addition to this, we sell kegs of craft beer and of domestic brew.”

Bill’s also sells lotto tickets.

“We sold a million dollar lotto ticket in June of this year.” Said Bill. “It was purchased by a local man.”

Bill’s son Bill II is the manager of the store under his father. Bill II orders merchandise, does book keeping, and supervises three other employees.

Bill’s also offers an array of fishing gear and bait, as well as over-the-counter medicine. There is something for everyone at Bill’s.

The Lears love Portland.

“We consider Portland to be unique.” Said Bill. “People here look out for one another.”

“The schools here are outstanding.” Said Roberta. “I cannot say enough good things about Portland.”

Bill looks back on his business experience in Portland with pride.

“I love Portland and I have loved being in business here.” He said. “We are approaching the fifty year mark of being in operation. I have thoroughly enjoyed serving the people of this city. It has been a great ride and we are still enjoying every minute of it.”

This piece was originally published in the October 2019 Downtown Portland Newsletter. Republished with permission.

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