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Featured Business: Sandborn Real Estate

Nick Sandborn is the proud owner of Sandborn Real Estate, a business which has been serving Portland since 1985.

Nick purchased the business from his father, Randy Sandborn, in 2015. Randy trained Nick and Randy has stayed on part-time as an associate broker.

The sale of real estate is a complex process which is often best left to the pros for optimal results.

“We make the buying and selling process as smooth as possible for the buyer and for the seller.” Said Nick.

“Obtaining a buyer for a property is step one of the process.” He explained. “What is more challenging are things like arranging inspections of a property in order to bring it up to salable standard.”

“We are also in constant contact with lenders in order to help arrange financing, and we work with title companies to complete the legal aspects of the transactions. These services are very important to both buyer and seller.” Explained Nick.

“But the primary advantage to a seller of working with a Realtor is that we help people obtain the most value for their property. We do this through research of recent sales and through our honed negotiation skills. We are also in a position to sell a property faster than sale-by-owner. We do this with our marketing resources, including our contacts in the industry.”

Nick appreciates the opportunity to serve Portland. “We are a local business and our doors are always open. People may call me after hours at almost any time to schedule an appointment.” He said.

Nick thinks highly of Portland.

“Portland is a great community.” He said. “We are very pleased to be here. We are always happy to see new families move into our community. It’s a great place from which to commute to larger cities and it’s a great place to raise kids.”

Nick can be reached on his cell at 517-420-8352 or at his office at 517-647-4113.

This piece was originally posted in the July 2019 Downtown Portland Newsletter. You can view the full newsletter at

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