• James Townsend

Last Day of School Update

In a message sent to parents of students in the Portland Public Schools on Monday morning, Superintendent Will Heath provided an update on the forgiveness of snow and severe weather days this school year, and the impact on the last day of the school year.

Heath’s message said, “On Friday the Governor signed a bill that will allow MDE to forgive additional days that were cancelled from January 29th - February 2nd during the Governor's Executive Order that declared a State of Emergency. The next step in this process will be for MDE to communicate out the request process and then for the district to request these days. The district will request three additional days plus the hours missed during the power outage. This will then put our last day of school back to its original date of June 7.”

Heath added, “Once MDE provides guidance on this process the district will create a new end of the year calendar and send that out to parents. Until guidance is issued we are not able to officially change the final day of school for the district. Hopefully we will see something soon.”

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