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FEATURED BUSINESS: HEALTH SOURCE Physical Therapy and Wellness Center

Jay and Jason Boddu are the proud owners of Health Source Physical Therapy and Wellness Center.

Health Source is not simply a physical therapy clinic. Its offerings also include a gym with weight and cardiovascular machines. In addition to these features, Health Source offers massage therapy and Zumba classes.

Jay and Jason’s family themselves hail from India and they moved to the United States when Jason was yet a child. They came to our country seeking professional opportunity as well as for a chance to be part of a community to which they could be of service.

They settled in Livonia, Michigan. After working at hospitals and at private clinics, Jay decided to open his own practice and he searched for a community in which to do this. He discovered our city. Jay formed a friendship with the late Dr. Gerald Brown. Dr. Brown told him that his services were very much needed here. “It was great to get such input from Dr. Brown.” Said Jason. “We regard his counsel as invaluable.” And so, Jay opened his own practice and established Health Source nineteen years ago in Portland. Jason later joined him.

Jay and Jason’s experience and their professional training are very impressive. Jay holds a license in physical therapy and he has worked with a variety of populations, including athletic and geriatric clients. He has also participated in cardiac rehabilitation. Jason holds a doctorate in physical therapy from St. Augustine University. Jason is one of five therapists in the state of Michigan who is certified in functional manual therapy. CFMT adds an important dimension to treatment. Such therapists use their hands therapeutically to guide evaluation, treatment, and movement training.

The Boddus have affiliated their practice with all of the physical therapy programs in Michigan. This allows them to use their facility as a training venue for physical therapy students. “This arrangement provides us with the ability to offer local physical therapy students the opportunity to do their internship here.” Said Jason. “These students need not travel great distances to complete their education.”

The Boddus love Portland. “We have always felt welcome here.” Said Jason. “Portland is a beautiful community. We appreciate the support that we have received in this city. Portland has been wonderful to us.”

Health Source Physical Therapy and Wellness Center, 1447 East Grand River Avenue, 517-647-1000

Gym Hours: Monday – Friday 6AM-8PM, Saturday 8AM-Noon

Clinic Hours: M-W-Th-Fri 8AM-6PM

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