• James Townsend

Kindergarten Students Team Up with Portland High Girls Basketball Team to Spread Kindness

Ms. Rockey's Kindergarten Classroom hosted Coach Haid and the Portland High Girls Basketball Team in a unified kindness project. Together, the class and team created "Giving Plates" and filled the plates with sweet treats to pass on to someone and spread kindness. The plates are intended to be refilled by the recipient of the plate, and again passed on to someone who could use a boost of positivity and love! The mentoring aspect of this project really allowed the students to bond with student athletes and have positive role models to work with. When young children see older students using kind words, displaying empathy, and using their talents to service others- it is a trickle down affect and leaves a wake of good and positive actions--- precisely what we need more of! We are thankful to work in a district that promotes Raider PRIDE and service learning.

Photos courtesy of Ms. Rockey.

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