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Brandon Scheurer Reaches 1,000 Career Points for St. Patrick's

On Saturday, February 9th 2019, a great milestone was achieved by Portland St. Patrick's senior guard Brandon Scheurer. After hitting a free throw, the entire Shamrock crowd went wild, as unbeknownst to Brandon, but known to the crowd, Brandon had scored his 1,000th career point.

After getting moved up as a Freshmen, it didn't take Brandon long to find his place on the team. Coach and Father Mark Scheurer knew what he was capable of, but most people only saw a skinny freshmen, and did not understand that this little kid could rain threes from almost half court. His 2nd varsity game against Bellevue, Brandon hit 6 three pointers, some of them from far beyond the arc and scored 19 points. His career at St. Patrick's has been exemplary, and his dribbling, speed, defensive aggression and his incredible shooting range have all contributed to a dynamic player who will be long remembered.

Athletic Director Patrick Russman, when asked about the accomplishment, stated "I am very happy that Brandon is a part of a successful team. The boys are playing well as a team, and are fun to watch. The fact that he was able to reach 1,000 points while being on a winning team that features several strong scorers who share the ball well, makes it very special. I am very happy for Brandon as he reached an individual milestone within the context of helping his team win. He has worked on his game and shot and has had solid coaching that has allowed him to succeed."

Proud Papa Mark Scheurer was thrilled to win the game, and pleased with "Bub's" performance. "Great Victory for the Shamrocks that puts them at 9-4 on the season. The game was highlighted by Brandon Scheurer going over the 1,000-point mark for his career. It's a proud moment for a coach, a father, and our family. Many great teammates helped him get to that mark, along with his countless hours of work on his own."

Brandon, displaying humility and grace as befits a fine young man, was surprised and unaware of how close he was to hitting 1,000 points. "It was a crazy moment for sure. Definitely something I will never forget. At the time, it came as a big surprise. I had no idea how close I was, and when everyone started cheering after I made that free throw I was super confused." When asked what his favorite memory of playing Basketball at St. Patrick's was, he again deferred to a highlight for one of his teammates, "My favorite memory of playing basketball at St. Patrick's has to still be coming back and beating Bath when we were down by 19 in the 4th quarter. Dan Mackowiak's buzzer beater is what helped us to win and that has to be one of my favorite memories ever."

Brandon's career is not over, but his statistics to date are as follows. 127 of 290 Field Goals (44%), 190 of 562 three-point shots (34%), 178 of 244 free throws (73%), 194 assists (2.5 per game), Assist to Turnover ratio 2.5 to 2.3, 259 rebounds (3.4 per game), 121 steals (1.6 per game), and 1002 points (13 per game). As a Senior, he is having a stellar year, averaging 47% from the field, 33% from 3 pointers, 76% from the charity stripe, 3.7 assists per game, Assist to Turnover ratio at 3.7 to 2.7, 5.3 rebounds a game, 2.9 steals a game, and averaging 15.6 points per game.

When asked about his hopes for the remainder of his basketball career, Brandon responded with what all of the Shamrock nation is desperate to hear and witness. "My biggest goal for my 4 years coming in at St. Patricks was to win a district title for my dad, my school, and my community. The last district title at St. Patricks was in 1996, which was my Uncle Bryans Senior Year. I think we have the team to change that, and god willing, make a run this post season."

The Shamrocks next play at Bath on Thursday, February 14th. Districts are at Fowler, beginning February 27th if you want to come and help St. Patrick's achieve Brandon’s career goal.

Below we have assembled a gallery of some photos of Brandon over the years. Photos courtesy of Terese Smith.

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