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  • James Townsend

Raider Bowling Results from Lansing Consolidated and Grand Ledge

On Monday, Portland’s girls were victorious over in Lansing consolidated, 30 to 0.

Notable scores for Portland:

Jessie Whitford 192

Jordan Fyan 174

Kaylee Becker 173

Olivia Gallt 171 Portland’s boys also beat Lansing consolidated on Monday, 28 1/2 to 1 1/2 Notable scores from Portland:

Evan Warner 236

Jack Dalman 225

Vaughn Cross 189

Luke Dalman 186 Notable scores for Lansing Consolidated:

Lawson Starkey 162, 161 Monday was Portland’s first action after the Christmas break and Coach William Armour III said, “it’s great to see us come out and throw some great games.”

On Tuesday, Portland’s girls team defeated Grand Ledge at the Royal Scot by a score of 21 to 9. Notable scores for Portland:

Kaylee Becker 205

Jessie Whitford 187

Emma Armour 167

Jordyn Fyan 162

Notable scores for Grand Ledge:

Katie Kalmbach 199,182

Kathleen Belen 186, 181

Sam Lawson 170 Portland boys team tied Grand Ledge 15 to 15. Notable scores for Portland:

Jack Dalman 268

Luke Dalman 206

Evan Warner 187 Notable scores for Grand Ledge: Logan Burkholder 211

Toby Arnold 207

Brady Smith 187 Armour said, “Portland Girls did a great job making spares and getting strikes when they needed it. The Grand Ledge boys and Portland boys had a fight to the end that ended up in a tie. I believe based on the tiebreaker rules Grand Ledge won the day. We look forward to bowling against them in Portland in the near future.” Portland’s next match is on Friday at Royal Scott against Dewitt.

Photo courtesy of PHS Bowling.

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