• James Townsend

Raider Bowling Over Waverly

On Monday, the Portland High School girls bowling team defeated Waverly by a score of 27 to 3 at the Wagon Wheel in Portland.

Notable stores for Portland:

Emma Armour 201

Sammy Krausz 200

Kaylee Becker 173

Aubrey Martin 166

Notable scores from Waverly:

Taylor Duff 183 The Portland boys defeated Waverly by a score of 29 to 1.

Notable scores for Portland:

Luke Dalman 211, 203

Jack Dalman 194

Noah Spedoske bowling in his first match won his point

For the Portland JV, Brandon Ladisky bowled a 206. Boys coach William Armour III said, “Today was the first match in the CAAC blue for us, It’s exciting to see how well the teams are coming together. I look forward to lots of high scores being reported.” Portland’s next match is a crossover against Holt High school in Mason at City Limits Bowling Ally on Wednesday the 12th.

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