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Fiber Optics Internet Coming to Portland

It’s coming! Soon Portland will arrive in the 21st Century with High-Speed Fiber Optics Internet service (even in the country). HomeWorks estimates within five years our area will be connected to some of the fastest internet speeds available specially created for HomeWorks Tri-County Electric Cooperative’s 26,000 mid-Michigan homes and businesses.

What makes fiber optics internet impressive?

The thing that makes fiber optics internet access is, unlike DSL and cable internet services which transmit electrical information through copper lines, where fiber optic lines use minuscule strands of plastic or glass.

Slightly thicker than a strand of human hair, fiber optic lines carry binary transmissions of light. This means of data transmission makes fiber optic internet connections a valid option for fast speeds and the quality of data reliability.

Why is a fiber internet connection so fast?

The speed of your internet connection depends on how much data the infrastructure you are using can handle. Traditional copper wires used by DSL and cable internet connections were originally only intended to carry voice data. DSL and cable connections are limited in regards to the amount of data they can handle.

Comparison to satellite internet connections.

Satellite internet connections aren’t comparable to fiber connections either because the data emitted from the satellite has such a distance to travel before reaching your receiver, making it similar to DSL and cable. Another drawback to satellite internet connections is the data’s latency.

Latency, in computing, refers to the delay the data requires before it is instructed to transfer to your receiver.

The difference in the transfer of information

In comparison to other internet connections, fiber optic lines transfer data modulated light instead of electricity, giving them a much higher capacity for bandwidth.

Fiber optic internet connections transfer data up to 1 gigabit per second, literally 100 times faster than copper connections. There is no other internet connection currently faster than fiber optic connections. The speed with which fiber optics connections provide data makes it excellent for streaming high-quality data and gaming, as well as operating a business.

HomeWorks, Tri-County Electric Cooperative, created by farmers in Eaton, Ingham, and Jackson counties, has been serving the Portland area since 1937 with energy, comfort, and communications solutions.

Pre-register Today

HomeWorks is asking that Portland residents that are interested in having high-speed fiber internet installed to pre-register as soon as possible. Pre-registration does not bind you to a contract, and there is no risk, it merely lets HomeWorks know how many residents would be interested in receiving the fiber internet connection and in what areas.

This allows them to determine better which zones will move to the next step in the construction procedure. When your zone is up and running, you will then be asked to confirm your package and sign a contract which will then guarantee your home will be connected to the infrastructure.

How does the pre-registration process work?

The pre-registration process is quick and straightforward. There are four easy steps including:

  • Choose one of the internet packages that would best fit your needs at

  • Click on the “Zones” tab to see what the pre-registration goal is for your zone. Homeworks will develop the construction plans based on the number of pre-registrations received.

  • You can pre-register by filling out the form at, by stopping by the HomeWorks offices, or by calling 800-668-8413

  • You can meet your community’s goal sooner by sharing essential posts from the HomeWork’s Tri-County Facebook page with family and friends.

To ensure your area receives connection to the high-quality fiber internet connection - pre-register at today!

Have a question?

If you have any questions about the fiber internet connection from HomeWorks go to the FAQ section of their website at to see their frequently asked questions and answers!

Alternatively, you can contact them at their Portland Office: 1-800-562-8232

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