• Robert Lathers

Academic Class D All-State Champions: The Shamrock Women’s Cross-Country Team

On Thursday the St. Patrick Women’s Cross-Country team was awarded First place in Class D, for Women’s Cross-Country teams, for their academic prowess. Specifically, the Shamrock Women posted a combined Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.902. If there were a photo finish for academics, like there is for Cross-Country meets, the Shamrock Women finished .04 GPA points better than second place Adrian Lenawee Christian who has a combined GPA of 3.862.

In a time when winning games and championships on the field is often considered the pinnacle of success for a sports team, the Shamrock Cross-Country Women, demonstrate that there are other ways to be Champions. The Portland Beacon congratulates these women for their successful season and their academic excellence.

Pictured above are from left to right: Cross-Country Coach Daniel Lawless; Veronica White (Jr.); Anna Schasser (Jr.); Jenna Pung (Sr.); Cordelia Foxelster (Sr.); Sophia White (So.); and Amy Shaw (So.).

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