• Marilyn Danielson

“Guess How Many” Contest Winner

In the midst of the activities of the 175th anniversary of The First Congregational Church of Portland, another “Guess How Many” contest ensued. Several attendees wrote in their guesses with the hopes to win the substantial container of old-fashioned candies. The winner? Robb Drumm, member and Chairman of the Trustees for the church. He guessed 572 pieces of candy in the jar. The actual number of pieces of candy? 590. Mr. Drumm said he plans to share his winnings with the whole church. I guess everyone wins! Congratulations, Rob Drumm.

FCC is planning more celebrations during 2018, and as always, the public is invited.

A ginormous thank you to The Chocolate Moose, Westside Store, Epic Church, and our community for celebrating with us!

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