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  • James Townsend

New Logo, New Look

If you are a regular reader of The Portland Beacon, you will likely be noticing a new set of logo images on our site and on our social media pages in the coming days.

Since the Beacon started last August, I have been using a free use image and some do-it-yourself graphics on the site and other pages. Since day one I have worked hard to keep expenses low. As I work to grow the site, I decided it was time to spend a little bit of money to get an image that was original, professional, and truly representative of the Beacon.

While I stayed with the light house theme and the color orange, the new logo is our own image. I feel it is clear and clean and continues to support the Beacon’s theme of drawing people attention.

Sticking with the local focus, I was fortunate to find a local designer to help with this project, and I wanted to take a moment to recognize him. Our new logo was designed by local designer Kyle Pierce. He is a recent graduate of Portland High School and will be attending Western Michigan University this Fall to pursue a Major in Graphic Design.

This was my first time working on a logo project like this, and while Pierce does not have extensive experience working with small businesses, I found him to be affordable, courteous, professional, and incredibly receptive to my ideas and suggestions. He met all my expectations, and well within my expected timeline. I highly recommend him to any local business or non-profit looking for knowledgeable assistance with a logo or graphic design project.

Pierce says that he is, “currently in the process of designing a new updated Logo for The Portland Community Fund. It is awesome being able to design new looks for local organizations and businesses.”

Kyle’s business is called KCP Graphics. You can find some of his work at You can also reach him at or Twitter @kcpgraphics.

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