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Portland’s Ludema Wins Math Competition

Rebekah Ludema has won the designation of 2017-2018 TRIG-STAR for Portland High School at a competition held on April 27, 2018. She is the student of Math and Science Teacher Deb Coyne.

She is the daughter of Mark & Hilary Ludema from Portland, Michigan.

The contest was sponsored by Jon Wildrom, a Professional Surveyor for Williams & Works, Inc. and the current President of the Michigan Society of Professional Surveyors.

A TRIG-STAR is a mathematics student who has demonstrated in competition that they are the most skilled among classmates in the practical application of trigonometry. The competition for the honor is a timed exercise which is the solving of a trigonometry problem that incorporates the use of right triangle formulas, circle formulas, the law

of sines, and the law of cosines. The contest helps to promote careers in surveying and mapping to students at the High Schools across the country. The award is sponsored by the National Society of Professional Surveyors and cosponsored locally. State winners also have the opportunity to participate in the National TRIG-STAR competition for awards.

Visit the Trig-Star website at www.trig-star.info.

For more information please contact: Trig-Star Coordinator

5119 Pegasus Court, Suite Q Frederick, MD 21704



Picture above: Rebekah Ludema(left) & Deb Coyne(right)

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