• James Townsend

Raider Bowling Teams Have Mixed Results Against Mason

The Portland high school girls bowling team lost to Mason 29 to one on Wednesday.

Portland girls notable scores:

Olivia Gallt 191

Grace Platte 175 Mason girls notable scores:

Katelyn Hendershot 235

Promesa Mireles 224

Mercedes Thomas 213

Emilee Hendershot 199

The Portland boys defeated Mason 26 to four. Portland boys notable scores:

Jarod Huhn 223

Luke Dalman 216

Jack Dalman 210

McGuire Smiley 202

Bennett Rushin 200 Mason boys notable scores:

Mason Jordan McCowan 202, 184

Camren Shawn 181

This was a crossover match. The Raiders next action is Friday at Royal Scott against DeWitt.

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