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Westside Grocery

Westside Grocery is a neighborhood market serving Portland. It is owned by Mark and Toni Fabiano, who purchased it in August, 2021.

Westside offers groceries as well as beer, wine, and liquor. It boasts craft beers, including many Michigan beers. Mark and Toni employ twelve people.

“I have always dreamed of being a business owner,” said Mark. “”The history of my family is filled with small business owners, going back over one century to the small village in Italy from where my family originates.”

Mark grew up working for all of the family businesses that his father and mother started. Born and raised in Portland, Mark had been involved in underground pipe distribution for seventeen years when the opportunity came up to own Westside.

“We jumped at the chance to own the store,” said Mark.

Mark said that the most challenging aspect of owning the grocery is the supply chain issues that have arisen during the pandemic.

“We’ve dealt with these issues by utilizing many distributors in order to obtain the products that we need for resale,” said Mark.

Mark said that his accomplishments thus far include that of having a larger selection of products than the store had previously offered.

“We have a new wine section,” said Mark. “As well as an expanded liquor selection and many more grocery offerings,” he said.

Mark credits his employees with much of the success that he and Toni have thus far enjoyed in owning the business.

“We have a great team,” said Mark. “Everyone who works here is friendly and they have great relationships with our customers. I’ve heard many compliments from our customer base regarding how helpful our staff is. They are all very dependable and they clearly enjoy working here.”

Mark and Toni both have good things to say about Portland.

“I love Portland,” said Toni. “It’s a beautiful, well-kept town. It’s a great place to have a small business and it’s easy to find good help.”

Mark agrees.

“We love it here,” he said. “My parents developed many small businesses in this area and it’s a good place to be.”

With a fine staff and a strong, family work ethic, the Fabianos do all they can to make sure that their customers needs are met.

Westside Grocery

751 W. Grand River Avenue

Portland, MI 48875

Telephone: (517) 647-7505


6 AM—10 PM Monday—Friday

7 AM—10 PM Saturday and Sunday

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