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Volunteer Spotlight: Michael Judd

Submitted by Amanda Johnston

Lifelong resident of Portland, Michael Judd’s list of volunteer participation is staggering. While he did leave town for a short while (in 1983 he won the Great Mississippi River Sailboat Race), coming home was never in question. You may recognize him because he has a hand in nearly every project that occurs in Portland, but he is quiet and unassuming and never likes to take the spotlight (even getting him to agree to this article was a challenge!). Michael’s involvement with the Portland Area Historical Society, Portland Community Orchestra, DDA Finance/Design Team, First Congregational Church (as Trustee), Board of Review for the City of Portland, Wacousta Lions Club, Portland Garden Club, and most recently spearheading the Portland Blue Sox Vintage Baseball Team, has left an incredible legacy. Upon asking Michael what drove him to be involved in volunteerism, he answered, “I am so blessed to live in the finest little town, in the most beautiful state, in the greatest country in the world. This is a way to give a little back”. His past involvement with Friends of the Looking Glass River, Project Lakewell: Michigan Voyager Historical Education, Mason Orchestral Society, RJB Encounter Band, Turn Me Loose Band, The Society of Hickory Golfers, and Dubuque Sailing Club, are just more examples of his generous nature and his desire to “work with other caring individuals to contribute to the good of the organization.” Michael is a wealth of information about everything Portland, and is always happy to share his knowledge of our little town on Old M16.

This article was originally published in the February 2020 newsletter from Downtown Portland. You can find the full newsletter HERE.


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