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The Portland Veterinary Service: Quality Care for your Pet

The Portland Veterinary Service is a veterinary clinic serving Portland and the surrounding area. It’s practice includes treating dogs and cats. Dr. Bethany Opperman is the owner and medical director of the facility.

“I started working at the clinic in 1998 as an assistant to my father, who is also a veterinarian,” said Dr. Opperman. “I received my veterinary medicine degree in 2010 and then assumed the role of associate veterinarian. I took ownership of the clinic in 2022.”

Dr. Opperman said that her father continues to practice at the clinic.

“I was inspired to become a veterinarian by my father,” said Dr. Opperman. “I rode along with him on farm calls as a child. I was favorably impressed by the way he helped the animals recover from illnesses. And I liked being around the animals.”

Dr. Opperman finds her practice to be satisfying.

“I like relieving the pain of animals,” she said. “I like helping their owners to see their pets feel better. I also value the relationships I have formed with the people that I serve. That’s a fun part of the job.”

Dr. Opperman said that she works with a great team.

“We employ two receptionists, four doctor assistants, and a veterinary nurse, as well as a practice manager and two doctors. We also use the services of a groomer on-site. I feel that we have a great team. We are here because we care about animals and because we care about their owners.”

One animal-care case that stands out to Dr. Opperman is that of Goldie, a cocker spaniel to whom Dr. Opperman had given care for most of the its life.

“I always loved seeing Goldie and her owners,” said Dr. Opperman. “She was a happy dog who loved seeing us as well. But toward the end of her life, she became so much in pain that her pet parents were considering euthanasia. We then customized a pain management and supplement protocol to improve her quality of life. She was a huge joy to this empty nester couple and they were so grateful to have another three months with her. And not just more time, but good time. When it became appropriate to help her cross over to the other side, I was honored to be asked to assist with this. Her family was heartbroken at her loss, but they were also at peace knowing that they had the blessing of extra time with her. Experiences like this are why I do what I do. Every pet is special to their families and every pet matters to me.”

Dr. Opperman said that pets are truly an important part of people’s lives.

The human-animal bond is a special friendship,” she said. “Animals have love for people and they provide an unique form of friendship that is not replicated elsewhere. It’s a beautiful thing.”

The Portland Veterinary Service is accepting new patients.

The Portland Veterinary Service

9761 E. Grand River Avenue

Portland, MI 48875

Telephone: 517-647-4119


MTWF 8 am to 5 pm

Closed Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays

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