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The Portland Community Fund

The Portland Community Fund Association was incorporated in 1974. It’s a local non-profit organization that helps people who live in the Portland School District. Rich Schneider is currently serving it as president. Sandy Olson serves it as vice-president.

“Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for all citizens of Portland, now and for generations to come,” said Olson. “We accomplish this by partnering with schools, churches, businesses, and other organizations to make a difference in our community.”

The association has three principal projects that it undertakes every year. These projects include a coat drive in October that collects and distributes outerwear to people in need. The association also sponsors a food and fund drive in December that furnishes Christmas dinners to families and to individuals as well as gifts to children who are eighteen years of age or younger. Additionally, the association provides grants to local and county organizations that serve the interests of Portland School District residents. Finally, the association has an emergency fund for people who need monies for temporary disaster relief, such as for needs that arose after the tornado of 2015 and after the flood of 2019.

Volunteers are always welcome to join the community fund.

“Volunteer opportunities are available to people who wish to help out,” said Schneider. “They may also donate money---and both forms of assistance are greatly appreciated.”

If a Portland resident wishes to become involved in the association, then they may attend a meeting. Meetings are held August through December, and then in February and March, on the first Thursday of the month at the Portland Senior Center. Meetings begin at 6 PM.

“Every act of volunteering and every donation makes a difference,” said Olson. “We are a 100% volunteer organization, so our overhead expenses are very low. This helps us put to good use all of the monies that are donated. These funds are used to advance the interests of people who need help. We appreciate all of the people who donate funds and all of the people who volunteer.”

Olson herself has been a volunteer with the community fund for twenty years.

“It’s been tremendously satisfying to be a volunteer for the association,” said Olson. “Nothing compares to the joy that I feel when I see the delight on the faces of people that we help. It makes all of our hard work worth it.”

Individuals or groups who wish to donate funds to the community fund or to volunteer their time may contact the association at The association is also accessible on Facebook.

Backpack for Bellies, a subgroup of the association that supplies food to school children, may also be contacted via Facebook.

People who have questions about the association may email the organization at

Donations of money may be sent to the association at:

Portland Community Fund Association

PO Box 524

Portland, MI 48875

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