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The Portland Athletic Association Needs Your Help!

The Portland Athletic Association cannot run without volunteers to help support it. The PAA does a lot of wonderful things for Portland Raider Athletics. We currently have three open positions that need to be filled in order to make the 2021-2022 sports season a successful one.

About the PAA:

The purpose of the Portland Athletic Association is to promote a positive attitude toward student athletics and support the Portland Public Schools athletic program by providing financial assistance in maintaining and operating athletic programs for which no other provisions have been made. The Portland Athletic Association also provides financial assistance to complement funding provided by the Portland School District to Portland Athletics.


PAA meetings are held every other month at 7pm in the high school band room. The meetings usually last 30-60 minutes. Meetings are the second Monday of the month. The PAA will be meeting on September 13, November 8, January 10, March 14, May 9 and the final meeting of the year will be in June (date TBD).

The PAA board meets a week or two before the meeting to set the agenda and discuss any matters that may need to be discussed at the meeting.

Open Positions:


-Keep Quickbooks updated

-Pay bills/distribute team payments

-File non-profit paperwork by October 1st each year

-Apply for all state licenses (50/50, Dinner Party)/send in final reports

-Work with concessions manager

-Complete taxes fiscal year end September 30

-Prepare financial statements for general membership meetings

-Tally meeting attendance for team bonus

-Send out funding request forms/notification of funding amount for year

Carolyn Adams was the previous treasurer. She is more than willing to sit down and discuss the position and provide any help that is needed. She stated she on average spent an hour a week on it.

PAA Concession Co-Chairs (2 people needed for this but will take more if interested)

The PAA Concession Co-Chairs will share the duties associated with overseeing all PAA concessions operations. These duties could be shared for all concession stands throughout the school year or could be divided in another manner as the co-chairs see fit (e.g., by season or by location).

Summary of duties:

  • Work with the Concession Event Coordinator to:

  • Fill the concessions event schedule each season

  • Communicate with coaches and assigned team concessions managers about requirements, scheduling, and any necessary training

  • Provide concessions training to any new team concessions managers

  • Ensure that concessions are stocked and ready for each event

  • Includes product purchasing through GFS, GR Popcorn, The Pizza Shop, CreeMee, Pepsi, and any necessary other sources

  • Ensure all equipment is in working order and maintained

  • Set menu items and pricing

  • For each concessions event:

  • Withdraw start-up funds

  • Provide necessary concessions event paperwork and instructions

  • Ensure that emergency funds are available in the safe

  • Collect event paperwork from completed events and transfer it to the Treasurer after verifying that it is completed correctly

  • Be available for questions via call or text during events or have another person available

  • Work with Ionia County Health Department each fall on annual inspections of concessions

Mark Ludema and Jessica Schrauben ran these positions last year and are happy to meet and discuss what needs to be done. The rest of the board is also willing to help if needed.

Concession Event Coordinator - Open Position

Summary of duties:

  • Obtain Home event schedules each season from Athletic Director for sports that offer PAA Concessions

  • Create schedules for concessions events each season

  • Recruit Event Managers

  • One parent, coach, or other volunteer from all teams participating in PAA concession events

  • Work with the Concession Chair to get Event Managers and teams on the event schedule each season (seasonal scheduling meeting with team reps and/or email correspondence)

  • Send email reminders to Event Managers and teams working upcoming events

  • Work with Concession Chair on any issues or needs

  • Work with Athletic Director on rescheduling & cancellations

Again, we could really use the help and support to make 2021-2022 a successful one for Portland High School Athletics. If interested please contact the PAA at: or you can contact me directly.

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