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The Portland Area Cub Scouts

Cub Scouting in Portland is an opportunity for boys as well as for adult volunteers. Sarah Bos has been associated with the Cubs for six years and she is in her second year as Cub Master.

“I enjoy working with the kids, said Sarah. “It’s great fun. I have also formed close relationships with other scout leaders and I value these friendships highly.”

Sarah said that Cub Scouting is about much more than camping and earning badges.

“We teach the boys to respect themselves and to respect other people,” she said. “We teach them to do their best no matter what activity in which they are engaged. This fosters improvement in the boy and it makes them better adults when they grow older.”

Cub Scouting is a family-oriented organization. Parents are invited to Cub Scout meetings. Parents learn what Cubs are learning and the parents are then in a position to implement the teaching at home and to thus instill it into their child.

“Our goal is to make better boys and to thus make them better men. This is the principal focus of scouting,” said Sarah.

Sarah said that Scouting teaches many other good things. The boys learn social skills such as teamwork. She said that they learn to follow as well as to lead.

“We make the experience fun for the boys so that they become receptive and are willing to learn new things,” she said. “They learn to solve their own problems and they learn how to teach themselves what they need to know in order to succeed as adults. They learn skills that create men who can work independently and effectively.”

Sarah is more than delighted to be part of the scouting network.

“I have been positively impressed by the scouts on a continued basis,” she said. “I think that it is a wonderful opportunity for the boys as well as for the adult volunteers who help out with the program. The adults that I’ve met while working with the scouts are some of the best people that I’ve ever known. It is a privilege to be associated with them.”

For the future of Portland Cub Scouting, Sarah would like to see more boys participate in it.

“Scouting prepares boys to be good men,” she said. “It is very satisfying to watch the boys grow morally and it is very satisfying to be part of this fine organization.”

People who are interested in enrolling their boys in Cub Scouting or in becoming an adult volunteer may contact Sarah at 517-763-7781. They may also go to for more information about the Scouts.

Pictured above Cubmaster Sarah Bos, Den Chief Cooper Gehrcke, and most of Bear Den of Portland Cub Scout Pack 258". Photo courtesy of Sarah Bos.


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