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The Grand River Conservation Club

Portland’s Conservation Club was established in 1943 with twenty-nine original members. Today that figure has grown to over 100 people. Jon Shattuck is currently serving the club as vice-president.

“We’re a community service organization as well as a conservation-based club,” said Shattuck. “We’re here to serve the locale as well as to promote outdoor activities like hunting and fishing.”

The club is located on Lyons Road just outside the city limits of Portland. The club’s property originally consisted of eleven acres but has grown to thirty-one acres. The grounds consist of hiking trails along with other features such as an archery range and a fish pond. There is also a large clubhouse with a hall that is available for rental to members as well as to other people in the community.

“Rental of our clubhouse is available for a fee, but we furnish it free of charge to people who need a venue for funeral dinners,” said Shattuck. “We also furnish our hall at no charge when someone is ill and needs the hall for fund-raising purposes.”

The club offers its building as a meeting place for boy scouts and girl scouts who hold weekly meetings on the premises and who use the grounds for camp outs.

“Local schools may also use our hall at no charge,” said Shattuck. “And anyone in the community may walk on our trails.”

The club holds various functions throughout the year for young people, including a rabbit hunt and a squirrel hunt.

“We want to give kids an opportunity to get outdoors into the fresh air and to do things that they wouldn’t ordinarily do,” said Shattuck. “We offer prizes to young people who participate in the hunts.”

The club primarily attracts people who are interested in outdoor activities, but anyone may join the club to enjoy its social features.

“I’m attracted to the club because of its high level of community service,” said Shattuck. “It’s a way to be involved and to make a positive impact on the community’s welfare. We typically draw people who are interested in the natural environment, but some people simply wish to be involved in a community-based organization and to make new friends. We don’t turn away anyone who wishes to join.”

Dues for the club are only $25 a year. Monthly meetings are held on the third Thursday of the month at 7 pm.

“One does not need to be a member of the club in order to attend a meeting,” said Shattuck. “They can visit us at a meeting and see what we’re about. We’re always including new members in the club and any interested person is welcome.”

The Grand River Conservation Club

7345 Lyons Road

Portland, MI 48875

John Shattuck


Hall Rental

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