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St. Pat’s Celebrates Discover Catholic Schools Week

Portland St. Patrick School, along with Catholic schools across the country is preparing to celebrate Discover Catholic Schools Week from November 8-24, 2020.  This is a time designated to showing off the benefits of Catholic education and explaining the differences that it offers.

St. Patrick School Helps Students Grow in Faith and Grace

Jesus Christ is the foundation of everything we do at St. Patrick School. As a result, we educate the whole student: mind, body and soul. By choosing a Catholic education for your family, you’re choosing a school where children pray every day, learn the rich teachings of our faith, and worship at Mass.  According to the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate, millennials who attended a Catholic school are 7x-8x more likely to attend Sunday Mass as adults!

St. Patrick School Helps Students Have Christ as the Foundation

St. Patrick School provides a learning environment where outcomes are second to none. The National Assessment of Educational Progress data -- commonly called the Nation's Report Card -- tracks student performance in 4th, 8th, and 12th grades at public, charter, Catholic, and other private schools. The latest results show Catholic school students across the country outperformed their peers in core subjects of math, science, reading, and technology and engineering literacy.

St. Patrick School Develops Creativity and Character

At St. Patrick School, we educate the whole child – mind, body and soul. With the whole child in mind, our dynamic co-curricular activities enrich and extend the classroom experience. Students can participate in diverse activities that encourage innovation and the pursuit of personal potential.

St. Patrick School Helps Students Feel Welcomed and Cherished

Because our mission is rooted in Christ, who calls us to value and love all people, each student is honored and celebrated at St. Patrick School.. Families of other faiths and cultures are welcome at St. Pat's, and  our scholarship programs make Catholic education an affordable, attractive option for all who seek it.

Call Randy Hodge or Cortney Smith (517- 647-7551) to find out more about all that St. Patrick School can offer your family.  Or, visit our website  and click on the Enrollment button on the home page to get started.  


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