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Shamrock Softball wins against Glen Lake and St. Mary’s at Lake Leelenau, Splits with Fowler

The St. Patrick’s Shamrock Varsity Softball and Baseball teams traveled to Lake Leelenau St. Mary’s for a weekend tournament. The Varsity girls took wins against Glen Lake and St. Mary’s and took first place in the tournament. Game 1: vs Glen Lake, 15-6

In Game 1 Tori Sandborn pitched 2 2/3 innings and had 3 SO, while Rylee Scheurer pitched 2 1/3 innings and had 4 SO.

Addie Scheurer went 2/2 and added 3 runs, Mara Schrauben went 2/3 and added 2 runs, Rylee Scheurer went 2/3 and added 3 runs and 2 RBIs with a double. Lydia Meredith and Emma Honsowitz also each had a double. Game 2: vs Lake Leelenau St Mary’s 4-2

In Game 2 Natalee Teachworth pitched 56 strikes out of her 69 pitches. She added 5 strikeouts. Natalee Teachworth went 2/2 with a triple, Rylee Scheurer went 2/3, and Haylee Fleischer went 1/2. Lydia Meredith, Bella Meyers, and Jamelyn Forist all added an RBI. Coaches Comments: Overall this tournament is one of our favorites. The cause behind the fundraiser, traveling with our team and their families to one of the MOST beautiful locations, the softball field scenery, and a weekend with team bonding are what sets this apart from any other. The girls collected cans and did fundraising to add a donation from our softball team. We are incredibly thankful for a fun weekend with sunshine, softball and even a tournament win to bring home. The games were filled with highlights including a relay from Bella to Lydia to Mara for a big out in game 2, great pitching, a huge triple from Natalee and two pop fly catches from Hayley behind the plate. After the game the girls honored their mothers for Mother’s Day, and after a successful weekend we left feeling prepared for one of the biggest matchups of the league on Monday against Fowler.

On Monday, St. Patrick Varsity softball hosted league rival Fowler this evening. As expected both games were filled with intensity and athleticism.

Game 1: SP falls 3-7

Rylee Scheurer pitched a solid 7 inning game and contributed 7 strikeouts. Addie Scheurer led the Shamrocks going 2/3, Carly Scheurer went 2/4 with 2 RBIs, Rylee Scheurer went 2/4, and Mara Schruaben added an RBI.

Game 2: Shamrocks defeat Fowler 7-3

Carly Scheurer pitched a phenomenal game and contributed 9 strikeouts. Rylee Scheurer went 3/4 with 2 runs, Carly Scheurer went 2/3 with 2 Runs and an RBI, Lydia Meredith went 2/4 with 2 runs and 2 RBIs, Mara Schrauben and Emma Honsowitz each added an RBI.

Coaches Comments:

It’s no coincidence that we had two evenly scoring ball games this evening. In our first game we seemed to be slow and lacked the energy that makes us great. We didn’t have the communication, the body language or defense to back up our pitching. We played well enough to stick around each inning and threaten in scoring position but just lacked that extra punch that sets us above. I think we hit Andros well, and moved girls around efficiently- but we left 9 teammates in scoring position. The second game felt drastically different. The girls brought back their grit and enthusiasm and from there capitalized on the girls we got into scoring position and kept adding to that lead. Carly pitched an outstanding game and not only threw hard but also had the movement in her pitches needed to keep hitters off target. Addie, Emma, Lu, and Mara took away the short game and Natalee made extra moves to hold runners. Our outfield made some outstanding catches and together we took the win. Game two portrayed who we are as a team. Part of the game of softball is constantly tweaking, refining, and working into your best version of your team. Today was no exception and we ended the evening better than we began.

Courtesy photos.


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